Smaller Breathing Holes for Young Adult Males...

This was made a bajillion years ago and finally brought to you here in the present! All it does is make the nostrils appear smaller. It may seem like a simple change, but it does have a dramatic effect on a sim’s nose. I’ve had a lot of use out of this slider and maybe you’ll find it useful too!

Location: Nose —> Nose Tip —> Smaller Nostrils


          — Pulls the base of the nostrils inward (therefore decreasing the width of the nostril).

          — Pushes the front of the nostril forward (visible only in profile angles).

If you’d like a female equivalent of this slider, look here: Inverted Nostrils Slider.


When I upload this kid every headshot’s going to be a different bitch face…


TRAITS: Wears Hair Weaves Like a Boss. Wears Eyeliner Like a Boss. 
Strip Dances Like a Boss Too. Drinks the Blood of His Exs. FRUITTTY.


Testing new conversion - bracelet.


hongshai whispered: I love your stuff~~

Thanks! ^____^


New CC (retexture) by moonghostly (CRW-SIMS) 
Hoodie (Sweater) DOTA 2 Logo
3 channel
Only Female sim
Original mesh by Rayne 


Hey ! Nicky Nicky

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